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Dear Church Family – as you know, our church building is now closed for Sunday worship and
all other activities. We are nevertheless live-streaming our services - Sundays & Wednesdays -
as well as Vance’s daily message. If you’re not able to access Facebook, we are also e-mailing
a link following every service so that you can still watch it. Fran is likewise e-mailing liturgies
and music and weekly announcements, yet another reminder we’re not alone when we’re
physically apart. Please keep in contact and let Vance or me know if there’s anything we can
do for you. God Bless and Stay Safe,

We want to thank our members for their continued support in sending in their weekly offerings
and pledges to our church. Let us keep in prayer that it will not be long before our church family
can once again worship together. It is Very Important that You Send in Your Weekly Offering or
Pledge! Our church may be closed during this difficult time but please remember, your weekly
offerings and pledges are still needed to help keep our church working. You can send your
offering through PayPal: by going onto our Facebook page and follow the directions. You may also mail it directly to the church: North Branford
Congregational Church P.O. Box 410 North Branford, CT 06471, attn. church treasurer
Yes! Our church is still there and, thanks to so many good stewards, it is functioning well.
Our office manager, Fran, is responding to calls, sending out emails and doing most of the
multitude of tasks that end up on her desk; our Financial Secretary is recording all the pledges
and donations that are coming in, and our Treasurer is paying the bills; the elderly and disabled
are receiving daily phone calls and needed assistance, our pastor is performing all the regular
services in addition to, his daily “moments”, all of which can be seen through the Internet services
of Facebook. But we still have one problem… Since it may be a while until we are able to attend
Sunday service together, please know, that we still need to fill the Sunday collection plate, as the
monthly bills keep coming in. There are two ways to do this: mail in your check to, North Branford
Congregational Church, PO Box 410, North Branford, CT 06471, as several members have already
done to keep up with their offerings, or, if you have a PayPal account you can send it via on the internet (Call Jen at 230.645.3107 if you want instructions on this). We know this
is a stressful time for everyone, but it is important that our weekly offerings keep coming in,
so our church doors will be open, when our church family can once again worship together.
Thank you for your continuing support.


Our new membership directory has arrived and is on its way to you! Thanks to Terry Parsons,
who not only picked up the directories, but then mailed a copy to every family in our church!
Be sure to watch for its arrival and use it to stay in touch with other church members during these
challenging times. Also check out the group photos - a wonderful reminder of all the things we
have done – and will do – together as one!


Since the church and its office is closed until further notice please know that you can contact
Vance by calling him at any time whether it is an urgent need or you just need to speak with him.
Leave a confidential message for Vance on his office phone (203-488-8456, ext.1), or you may
call his cell phone at any time (860-480-3307).


To leave a general message for the church office please leave a voice mail by calling
203.488.8456 and pressing 0 for Fran the church administrator or email at Phone messages and emails are still being looked at on a daily basis.


It is going to be a while before we can come together for our twice monthly Bible Study. Let us
open our bibles at home and find a scripture or a psalm, that resonates with you. When our Bible
Study resumes, I ask that you share this scripture by bringing it to the group so we can let each
other know how this one scripture helped you get through this troubling time.
Here is one of my favorites.
"Why my soul, are you downcast, why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God;
for I will yet praise Him, my savior, my God" ~ Psalm 42:5

Stay well and know you are in prayer. Jennifer Downer


The Quarterly Meeting that was scheduled for Sunday, March 29th was cancelled and will be re-
scheduled for a later date.


Police officers, firefighters, EMT’s,
paramedics, doctors, nurses, and all the others, who are
helping at hospitals and nursing homes, not only across our country but also, around the world.
For us to defeat this virus we must become one, together
we are made stronger to fight and win back the right to
live our lives the way we once did.
So, as we go forward together with God by our side, let us
remember one important word, “Faith!”
~Fran V. Giambalvo


Please keep in prayer the family of Rita Cropley, mother of
Michael and mother-in-law to Donna.
Let us ask God to bring them comfort through His loving grace.


Maria & John Yerganian    Alex Yerganian
Dee Fey                                          Luella Eastwood                     
Mark Bauchmann                  Jane Auclaire                           
Michael Sabia                           Lew Reid                                       
Terry Malcom                            Marc Bachman                       

Ginny Montelius                      John Astarita
Daryl Johnston                        Peter DeRosa

John McManus, Laura McManus’ brother-in-law
Nancy Meehan, friend of Laurie Vincent
David, Andrea Barlow's Cousin
Ronny, Laura McManus' Cousin


While the Yale New Haven Health System does not normally accept
donations of supplies and equipment, the outbreak of Coronavirus
Disease 2019 (CoVID-19) has restricted the quantities of protective
equipment our caregivers use to deliver care to patients. Under these
constraints associated with this Covid-19 outbreak, donations from
organizations, companies, groups and individuals to Yale New Haven
Health, that meet quality and safety standards, can be donated for our
hospitals to use.
We are in need of the following resources:
• Disposable Head Covers/Caps
• Disposable Gowns
• Disposable Gloves
• N95 Respirator Face Masks
• Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)
• Disposable Face Masks
• Face-shields/Goggles
• Coveralls/Scrubs
• Shoe-covers
• Disinfection Wipes & Liquids
• General Purpose Hand Cleansers
All items should be in original unopened packaging.
We ask that donors submit donation offers to the Yale New Haven Health System at with contact information for our staff to respond to.
Employees and medical staff who want to refer third party donors should ask the donor
to submit their contact information via this email. All submissions will be answered within
three business days. For other questions regarding Covid-19, please call The Yale New
Haven Health COVID-19 call center at 833-ASK-YNHH (833-275-9644) 7 days a week,
7 am - 7 pm.
Corporate Supply Chain
2 Howe Street
New Haven CT 06511
Phone: 203-688-3007


Wednesday, May 20, 2020 from 6:30 PM - 8 PM via Zoom and conference call


Hosted by the NBCC Worship Team and facilitated by Nancy Stimac
Lectio Divina, a Latin term, means divine reading and describes a way of reading and reflecting
on the Scriptures where we gradually let go of our own agenda and open ourselves to what God
wants to say to us. It’s fun, it’s faithful, and it’s transformative! And a great way to get spiritually
refreshed and renewed during these difficult and stressful times!
So, join us in trying out the practice of Lectio Divina as a way to pray. Although the practice has
been around for centuries, it’s now being rediscovered by many individuals and groups.
Hear the Word of God with new ears and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.
God is still speaking and speaking to you! What is he saying? What is he inviting you to do,
and inviting you to be??
No previous experience or training required, just a heartfelt desire to draw closer to God.

About our Facilitator
Nancy Stimac, a long-time contemplative prayer practitioner, is a Commissioned Centering
Prayer and Lectio Divina Presenter for the Contemplative Outreach Organization, as well as a
graduate of the Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Biblical School and Lay Ministry programs.
She uses her gifts to serve the Holy Family Retreat Center in West Hartford and the Catholic
Community of Windsor Locks.
No registration is necessary, and the program is our gift to you, while we welcome your
free-will offering c/o North Branford Congregational Church.
Thank you!

To participate using Zoom (meeting host will appear as Bethany Taylor)
Meeting ID: 421 632 0776 Password: 518734
To participate using Conference Call:
Call (605) 472-5470; when prompted, enter 515236#


June 28 – Children’s Service Sunday

- August 6, 2020“Cherry Blossom Canvas Paint Night” Fundraiser.


October 25 – New Member Sunday


Veteran’s Day ceremony followed by a soup, bread and salad meal (details to follow)



Since the church is closed and you cannot meet with Vance in the office, please know that you
can contact him at any time whether it is an urgent need or you just need to speak with him.
Please leave a confidential message for Vance on his office phone (203-488-8456, ext.1),
or you may call his cell phone at any time (860-480-3307).

If you or someone you know would like a pastoral visit at your home or other location,
please call Vance  (860-480-3307)or e-mail him to arrange a time to
find out when pastoral visits will resume.

MIDNIGHT RUN *Postponed until further notice*
Since the church is closed at this time, we cannot accept tag sale items. We ask that you please
hold on to these items until the church opens and we have a date for a tag sale - we will let you
know. If you have any questions, please call 203-488-8456.
If you have any clothing you want to donate, please place it in the St. Pauly Textile clothing shed
located in the back parking lot of the church. Clothing is still being picked up on a regular basis.
From Our Friends At Northford Congregational Church
We have a food box outside filled again with canned food, at times fresh fruit, juice, cereal, tuna,
soup, peanut butter, hand washing soap, Lysol concentrate, dish soap, bar soap, pasta,
muffin mix, and other things as donated or purchased. Anyone is welcome whether they lost
their job or who should not be going in stores. We also will have milk, bread and eggs soon with
our refrigerator that will be available from shed outside of building with combination lock.
Please let me know if someone needs other things like paper towels or bleach. Be well,
The Rev. Robin Blundon Northford Food Bank

If you are in need of food products call Cathy at the North Branford Senior Center at 203.484.6017.

There is an Open shed for used clothing donations in the church parking lot.
NBCC is partnering with St. Pauly Textile Inc. where these donated clothing items will be given
to those in need, here in the U.S. and worldwide.

USE OF THE CHURCH BUILDING: Right now we are hoping that we will be able to open up the church
building by July or August for anyone who would like to reserve Fellowship Hall or the Chapel,
for meetings or for an event.  Any questions or to make a reservation please call the church office
203.488.8456 or email Fran at  Phone messages and emails are
looked at every day. If for any reason we are not able to open by July or August, we will let
everyone know. Thank you and stay well.
FLOWER SIGN-UP SHEET (on hold until we are able to open our doors and worship again together)
If you would like to place flowers on the altar in memory of someone or for a special occasion
use the sign-up sheets which are posted in the hallway before entering the Sanctuary
or by calling the church office @ 203.488.8456.
Live Streaming Worship On-Line! While we all are unable to attend Sunday Worship, we can still
worship together.  Just click on the following link below to watch our Worship Live on Sunday
Morning at 10:00 AM. With this link you can also watch a recap of any past Sunday worships
you might have missed. Remember, your church family is never far away!
Click on this link -
SPEAKERPHONE ACCESS! (on hold until we are able to open our doors and worship again together)
If you can’t be with us in the pew, you can be with us on the phone, via a speakerphone
connection, every Sunday morning. Call Vance at 860.480.3307 for details on how to call in
Anyone desiring to become a member of NBCC can do so by speaking to one of the Deacons
or calling Vance at 860.480.3307 or the church office at 203.488.8456.
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
ON HOLD for the time being.
(Meets every Wednesday at 6:00 PM in Fellowship Hall.)
Big Y, Stop & Shop and Shop Rite
When we once again have Sunday services in the Church, don’t forget to purchase these gift
cards at coffee hour every Sunday after service. Someone will be sitting at a table with the cards
for you to make your purchase. What a great way to help your church with this fundraiser.


As a community outreach the following groups have been given permission to use

our church Fellowship Hall for their weekly meetings:

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) – a weight-loss support program meets every Wednesday @ 6:00 PM

Narcotics Anonymous – NA – Meets every Saturday evening at 7:00 PM

Alcoholics Anonymous – AA – Meetings every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM

We also have a Scout pack which is sponsored by NBCC Church–  

Scouts meets every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m.  (Cub Scouts meet one Friday per month)

North Branford Congregational Church is a welcoming Christian community located at 1680 Foxon Road, North Branford.  Sunday service is at 10:00 a.m.

About NBCC

North Branford Congregational Church is a welcoming Christian community located at 1680 Foxon Road, North Branford. Sunday service is at 10:00 a.m.


Phone: (203) 488-8456

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